Closing date coming up for 2019 Trustee elections

Learning Technology letters

We invite nominations for 2 Trustees to serve an initial three year term to be elected by Members.

We are also seeking expressions of interest for the role of  Vice-Chair of the Association to serve an initial three year term to be appointed by the Board of Trustees (formally called the Central Executive Committee).

The new Trustees will join the Board of Trustees which governs ALT.  For more information on the role of Trustees go to

Ballot process

The ballot for any contested vacancies will be conducted over the Internet by the Electoral Reform Services and the result will be communicated to members at the AGM. All eligible members will be sent an email with instructions on how to use the secure Internet ballot site. It is vital that you check that the e-mail address currently used for your account on our website is correct by 9 June 2019. To check your details, go to  and sign in to your account. The Members Area will display your registered email and ‘Update’ link if you need to change it To update your details, enter them into the relevant field and click 'Save'. In case of difficulty, please contact us via  

Eligibility requirement

Under the ALT Constitution, election is open only to individual members of at least 12 months' standing and aged 18 years or over on the date of the AGM at which they take up office.

In accordance the Constitution, Trustees coming to the end of a first three-year term are eligible for re-election as Trustees; and any elected Trustee (with the exception of the Vice-chair, Chair, and President) is able to put forward an expression of interest to become Vice-chair. (Thus the maximum continuous period of membership for a Trustee is six, or, exceptionally, between six and nine years.)

Deadline for submitting your nomination or expression of interest

All nominations should be submitted by Monday, 10 June 2019.

>> Nomination Form

Download a PDF version of the 2019 AGM Calling Notice and Trustee election