ALT Communities of Practice Sector Audit Report now published

The Communities of Practice project is led by the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) and funded by Ufi - the VocTech Trust. The project goal is to establish a successful ‘community of practice’ (CoP) where vocational teaching staff are able to acquire, develop and share the digital, and digital pedagogical skills they need to thrive in vocational education. 

The purpose of this audit is to provide up-to-date data of existing networks and communities that support teaching and learning, the use of technology, and subject specialism in the Vocational education and training sector. This data will then be used to inform the next stage of the project, to establish a successful ‘community of practice’ (CoP), and to provide useful input for the Ufi Voctech Essentials project and wider developments.

A sector audit report from ALT, funded by the Ufi - the VocTech Trust has now been published, and is available for you to download:

Executive Summary

Full Report 

Audit Data 

Professor Keith Smyth, Project Sponsor and Vice-Chair for ALT, said “ALT are delighted to have undertaken the sector audit for the Communities of Practice project in collaboration with Ufi - the Voctech Trust. The audit was conducted during the unprecedented period of disruption that has been the COVID-19 pandemic. This period has seen many established and new Communities of Practice across the education sector seek to support their participants and members in actively responding to the challenges of COVID-19 through disseminating news, sharing knowledge and resources, and various other peer and community support activities. The findings and recommendations put forward are particularly timely then, as well as being insightful in identifying those factors which are strongly associated with establishing and sustaining effective and collegiate Communities of Practice. The findings and recommendations provide a very strong foundation for the next stage of the project which is to establish a community where vocational teaching staff are able to acquire, develop and share the digital and digital pedagogical skills they need, in support of the overall aim of the Ufi - the Voctech Trust “to catalyse change across the UK so that significant scale can be achieved in digital vocational learning for adults”. 

For more information, visit the Communities of Practice Project page on the ALT website.