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Select one of the online membership forms below. For more information, see our membership overview and membership fees pages.

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How can being a member help me?

By becoming a member of the Association you can:

Network, exchange knowledge and stay up to date with developments

  • share ideas, ask questions and collaborate with other members and network at events or online;
  • post your questions to our members-only discussion list, or contribute your know-how by responding to questions; 
  • exchange knowledge, ask questions and keep pace with innovation and pedagogy in the development of Learning Technology;
  • set up new Special and Regional Interest Groups, or become involved in existing ones, including organising events or running online communities.
  • Attend our conference ALTC, or one of our other face-to-face or online events where you will meet practitioners, researchers, managers and policy makers from education and industry;
  • receive regular news about upcoming events, jobs and funding opportunities and submit your own for inclusion in the News Digest or Newsletter;
  • attend all events at a members’ discount;
  • keep in touch with us via our opt-in mailing lists, subscribe to our RSS feeds or follow us on Twitter;

Help shape the future of research and policy in learning technology

  • shape the way we work and what we do by engaging in ALT’s governance;
  • contribute to research publications, policy consultations and event programmes;
  • contribute to our journal, Research in Learning Technology, which encourages research that informs good practice and contributes to the development of policy;
  • access a world-wide network for Learning Technology via our partner organisations;

Develop professionally

  • have your work certified by peers with our Certified Membership of ALT award;
  • be nominated for the Learning Technologist of the Year Award;
  • Participate in ocTEL;

As a Member you also have the right to:

  • vote in elections of trustees and officers and at the Annual General Meeting;
  • express an interest in serving on one of our Operational Committees (Roles available within ALT provides further information);
  • stand for election as a Trustee of ALT or as Vice-Chair of ALT(if over 18 and a member for 12 months when role taken up);
  • express an interest in serving on the editorial board of our journal Research in Learning Technology or the Programme Committee for the ALT Conference;

Not sure which membership to choose? 

If you are not sure which membership to choose for yourself or your organisation, have a look at our membership overview. This gives you a clear sense of the rights and entitlements of each type of membership and how it contributes to the community and work of the Association as a whole.

If you are interested in finding out more about who is already a member, have a look at our list of partners and sponsors as well as the list of current Organisational Members of ALT .