ALT East England: Digital badges - Where do we go from HEAR?

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Many institutions are seeking new methods to acknowledge and reward valuable contributions from staff and students. This can include achievements in academics (curricular), extracurricular activities, or co-curricular programs. Examples include information literacy workshops, employability skills development, internships, community service projects, or volunteer work.

This session will explore how digital badges and certifications can be used as a recognition tool for these contributions and accomplishments. Digital badges are verifiable online tokens that represent a skill learned, an accomplishment achieved, or a completed program. Compared to traditional paper certificates, they offer greater accessibility and shareability.

The online session will feature experiences from three institutions that have been piloting the use of digital badges. Following this, there will include a general discussion about digital badges and certification, with the presenters and audience.

Presenter bio/description:

Peter Harrison (Head of Academic Practice and Education Excellence, Cranfield University)

Peter’s session, The backroom to our badging strategy will describe what Cranfield wanted to achieve with their badging initiative, why they went with a commercial registrar, how to give badges value and managing growth and change in badge portfolio.

Bernadette Martin (Learning and Teaching Librarian, Library and Learning Services, Open University)

The Open University is creating a badged online course on Digital & Information Literacy. Tailored to different degree levels, it will teach information research, critical thinking, and other digital skills. The course repurposes existing resources and offers easy access for students and staff and is aligned to the Digital and Information Literacy Framework. The course will be offered to all OU students through our VLE from September 2024.

Cory Saarinen (Assistant Director - Technology Enhanced Learning, Institute of Continuing Education, University of Cambridge)

The Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) has been working on a pilot project around the implementation of Digital Certificates and Badges in partnership with Accredible. Since January Digital Certificates and Badges have been implemented across ICE’s non-award bearing Online Course portfolio, with progress being made on bringing onboard all non-accredited courses in time for the 2024 Academic Year.

4 Jul 2024 from  2:00 PM to  3:00 PM
United Kingdom