CPD Webinar - Career progression and CPD in the field of learning technology

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This webinar is part of our 2022 CPD webinar sessions. Participants will earn an ALT CPD Open Badge which can be used as evidence towards accreditation via one of the pathways in ALT’s CMALT framework. 

If you missed a previous CPD webinar, recordings are available over on Youtube; 2021 Playlist, 2022 playlist.

Presenter:    Daniel Clark

The field of learning technology is broad and fast paced.  Those that work within the field occupy a wide variety of roles and specialisms.  It is the specialist nature of the field that can limit and narrow opportunities for career progression.  Equally, working in such a changeable environment can present challenges for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as colleagues are confronted with a myriad of courses, certifications, and accreditations.  To some, the CPD landscape can look like a continuum; technology occupies one end, pedagogy the other, with everything in between.

This session will focus on how colleagues can navigate these challenges.  By drawing upon personal experience, the session will begin by exploring some of the different CPD pathways available within the field, and where these might lead.  The session will then look at the technology/pedagogy dichotomy, and how colleagues can avoid falling into one of the two camps.  This will lead to a broader discussion of learning technologists and the notion of the third space professional. The session will end with a discussion around career progression and some of the strategies colleagues can adopt to help them to get to where they want to be.

This session is ideal for colleagues interested in CPD pathways within the field, and indeed those who are looking to the next stage of their careers.

22 Mar 2022 from 12:30 PM to  1:30 PM