ALT ELESIG - Student online group experience supported through Slack: reflections on how to approach and research this area

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Richard recently published Facilitating peer-led group research through virtual collaboration spaces: an exploratory research study with colleagues at York. This study looked at a particular types of group activity ‘Peer-led group learning’ based on ‘small groups of students meeting regularly with a peer – one who has additional expertise in the subject matter – to work on problems collaboratively’. The study looked at the use of Slack to support this activity. In this presentation Richard will discuss:

  • how the project came about,
  • defining the scope 
  • selecting the right methods
  • and the journal towards final publication.

Richard had been researching and publishing for many years and will share his experience on this project and others during this session. This will provide attendees with a space to hear and discuss how research moves from an idea to publication and the issues and rewards along the way.

SpeakerRichard Walker Head of Programme Design and Learning Technology at University of York

16 Feb 2022 from  3:00 PM to  4:00 PM