CPD Webinar Series 2024: Co-Creating the Future: Empowering Students in Technology-Enhanced Learning

This interactive webinar will explore the exciting potential of student-staff partnerships in designing technology-rich learning experiences. Offering critical insights into various pedagogical partnership projects from the facilitators, the session will showcase how co-creation could ignite student engagement and foster a culture of innovation in higher education.

Grounded in established theories of student engagement and co-creation models, the webinar will provide a strong theoretical ground to establish the significance of fostering meaningful student collaboration within co-curricular and extra-curricular initiatives. Participants will engage in reflective activities designed to explore practical strategies for integrating student input into their own practices, considering their specific professional contexts. This CPD session is expected to equip attendees with actionable insights and practical strategies to utilise the power of digital tools for collaborative learning and to effectively involve students in co-creating technology-enhanced learning experiences, fostering a dynamic partnership that empowers both educators and learners.

Speakers: Nurun Nahar & Sue Beckingham 

29 Jul 2024 from  1:00 PM to  2:00 PM
United Kingdom