ALT East England - This house believes that Education has control of the technology, policy and processes being used.

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Join the online debate organised by ALT East England (ALT EE) and the Jisc National Centre for Artificial Intelligence.

The event will pitch two teams, each with a mixture of staff and students against each other. They will compare how we evaluate technology to provide a viable staff and student experience - i.e. to be selective about technology in terms of its usefulness, rather than feeling as though our services are dictated by it.

Naturally, this debate will be held in the light of increasing awareness of the power of AI-driven systems and their impact on our lives and work within the Education sector. 

Please join this free event, hear the debate, contribute your own views and vote on the eventual conclusion. 

Event format

Each team will state their arguments FOR or AGAINST. The moderator (Jisc National Centre for AI representative) will then ask specific questions, and each team will respond. Following this, we will open out to questions and discussion.

Background reading

To get a sense of some the issues with AI you may find it helpful to read the following information to inform your understanding of the arguments:

Sabzalieva, E. and Valentini, A. (2023) ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence in higher education: Quick start guide. UNESCO. Available at:

Consent for data collection

The audio discussion and chat will be recorded, transcribed and written up and we may use anonymised quotes. By registering for, and attending this event, you are consenting to any contributions you make being used in this manner. If you do not wish your contributions to be included, please just observe

21 Jun 2023 from  1:00 PM to  3:00 PM
United Kingdom