ALT ELESIG - Defining Evaluation and Why it’s More Vital Than Ever

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Are you involved in evaluating projects and teaching innovations? Perhaps you are supporting others to understand how a new initiative is working. However, you might be a little frustrated by the evaluation process and product. How can we make evaluation work better, and be more relevant and useful? Louise Goulsbra will explore her new strategic role created at the University of Leeds as Digital Education Manager, Evaluation and Innovation.

She will present her ideas on:

  • How we redefine evaluation and innovation
  • How she sees the role of evaluation developing
  • What are the key opportunities and issues in this area.
  • Her particular approach at the University of Leeds. 
  • Tips that you can use to improve evaluations at your institution. 

We all know evaluation is important but in some ways, it remains in the shadows, come to this session and let’s discuss how we can move it into the light.

Speaker Louise Goulsbra, Digital Education Manager, Innovation and Evaluation, University of Leeds.

Louise has worked in the publishing and e-learning industry for just over 20 years - managing teams to scope, commission and develop portfolios of teaching and learning resources and courses for the K1-12, vocational, professionals and academic markets (for the UK and Internationally).

Having developed extensive skills and experience in market research and strategy, user and gap analysis, writer management, content development and learning design, she has now moved on to focus on the evaluation and innovation area of content development and currently leads a team of data analysts and qualitative researchers to implement a strategy and set of work processes to embed and underpin effective evaluation and innovation in the central digital education service at the University of Leeds.

With the increase in development in AI and the changing landscape in the HE space, sound evaluation and innovation has never been more important and she is extremely passionate about doing this well and getting it right so we can better serve our learners.

30 May 2023 from  3:00 PM to  4:00 PM
United Kingdom