Submitting a portfolio

Submitting your portfolio for assessment or review

The CMALT registration, submission and assessment process takes place on a four-monthly annual cycle. You can register for CMALT at any time and submit your portfolio at any time. Assessment takes place in three windows throughout the year, beginning in February, June, and October respectively. You should aim to submit in time for the next available assessment window after your registration, but if you need to take longer over your portfolio you can wait until a later one. Your CMALT registration remains valid for two years. 
Portfolios are submitted for review every 3 years in the same way, using the same submission form and submission windows. 

How to submit

You should submit your portfolio using this form: .
You will receive a confirmation by email.

If you don't have a URL to your portfolio, for example if it is in Word or some other format, you can still send it to us as an attachment at (max 25MB) after you have completed the form.

When submitting your portfolio it should either be a single file or a zipped collection of files (for instance to include evidence).  As many email systems block large attachments this should not exceed 10Mb. Please be aware that assessors may not have access to specialist tools, and it is therefore best to avoid proprietary formats.

When to submit

There are three submission windows throughout the year. You may submit your portfolio before:

  • 1 February: for assessment during March and April and assessment result in May;
  • 1 June:  for assessment during July and August and assessment result in September;
  • 1 October: for assessment during Oct/Nov/Dec and assessment result in January.


If you are asked to revise the portfolio the second assessment will be final, resulting in either a pass or fail. We aim to come to an initial decision about submitted portfolios within 3 months of receipt.  The initial decision will either be a pass of the portfolio or a referral, requesting additional information to bring the portfolio up to the requisite standard.

CMALT registration remains valid for 2 years. If you wish to submit more than 2 years after registering you will be required to renew your registration.

If you have any questions at any stage of the submission or assessment process, please contact us at