CMALT Holders List

To find out more about becoming a Certified Member of ALT (CMALT) here is our CMALT Overview. If you are a CMALT holder and not listed or have any other questions please contact

Some CMALT holders share their portfolios openly with ALT members. You will need to be logged in to the ALT site as a member to view the list of shared portfolios.


CMALT accreditation is awarded for 3 years and then reviewed every 3 years through the portfolio review.

CMALT accreditation is only valid whilst the individual remains in good standing as a Certified Member.

* Denotes CMALT Australasia holder

N.B. CMALT holders are responsible for ensuring that personal details are correctly listed

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First Namesort descending Last Name Institution Membership Type Mem. Renewal
Emma Procter-Legg University of Oxford Certified Member 20/03/20
Fariha Choi City, University of London Certified Member 06/12/19
Fawei Geng The University of Oxford Certified Member 15/08/20
Fiona Concannon NUI Galway Certified Member 27/08/20
Gemma Witton University of Wolverhampton Certified Member 27/11/19
Gennadii Miroshnikov London Business School Certified Member 13/12/19
Geraint Evans Cardiff University Certified Member 22/08/20
Geraldine Foley London School of Economics Certified Member 04/08/20
Giriraj Shekhawat* Auckland University of Technology Certified Member 04/04/20
Graeme Ferris University of Edinburgh Certified Member 27/07/20
Graeme Prescott University of Bolton Certified Member 06/12/19
Greg Walters University of Glasgow Certified Member 05/10/20
Helen Whitehead University of Nottingham Certified Member 29/03/20
Hendrik van der Sluis University of West London Certified Member 06/01/20
Hennie Hoi Yan Yip The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Certified Member 30/05/20
Iain Griffin Certified Member 04/11/19
Ian Gardner Certified Member 23/11/19
Ian Elliott University College of Estate Management Certified Member 11/03/20
Ian Blacklock University of Aberdeen Certified Member 07/05/20
Irmgard Hueppe Oxford Brookes University Certified Member 30/06/20