ALT-C 2011

Looking north towards Hallingskarvet behind Kraekkja in Hardangervidda, Norway

Thriving in a colder and more challenging climate

The 18th international conference of the Association for Learning Technology was held at the University of Leeds, UK, 6-8 September 2011.

Keynote and Invited Speaker videos are available on ALT's not-for-profit YouTube Channel.

In 2011, education systems throughout the world are attempting to do more, better, and often with less. As the political, economic, social, agency and technological landscapes change, it is tempting for people in the learning technology community simply to "go on with vigour, hoping for the best"*. But this would be to miss a major opportunity.

Innovation is strongly stimulated by crises and pressures of all kinds. Our challenges are to:

  • analyse and plan, and create and marshal evidence;
  • demonstrate the benefits of astute deployment of technology to support learning;
  • listen to and involve learners, teachers, and institutional leaders;
  • draw on know-how and practice internationally, from across and outside our individual fields;
  • take an institutional approach, whilst focusing on openness and frugality.

 Time, the social tide, the expectations of learners, and economic pressure at organisational level will themselves be a driving force for innovation. The scope for people in our community to make a difference is great.

* "We have nothing for it but to go on with vigour and to hope for the best" - Pitt the Younger, 1791, speaking about the disruptive effects of the French Revolution on trade and on the British position generally.

Major Conference Sponsors

The Trustees of ALT are grateful to the following organisations for their generous support for the 2011 conference.

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October 2010: call for sponsors and exhibitors
November 2010: call for proposals for demonstrations, full proceedings papers, posters, short papers, symposia, and workshops
December 2010 to 14 February 2011: submission of proposals for inclusion in the conference programme
April 2011: review, acceptance, rejection and editing of proposals
May 2011: bookings open
4 July 2011: booking deadline for presenters (extended from 27 June)
4 July 2011: early-bird booking deadline
12 August 2011: bookings close

ALT-C 2011 Themes

  1. Research and rigour - creating, marshalling and making effective use of evidence
  2. Making things happen - systematic design, planning, and implementation
  3. Broad tents and strange bedfellows - collaborating, scavenging and sharing to increase value
  4. At the sharp end - enabling organisations and their managers to solve business, pedagogic and technical challenges
  5. Teachers of the future - understanding and influencing the future role and practices of teachers
  6. Preparing for a thaw - looking ahead to a time beyond the disruptive discontinuities of the next few years

ALT-C 2011 will provide a valuable and practical forum for practitioners, researchers, managers and policy-makers from education and industry to explore, reflect, influence and learn.

Sponsorship & exhibiting

Here is our comprehensive sponsorship and exhibition prospectus [~ 2MB PDF].