A new strategy for ALT - update from the Chair and Chief Executive

Strategy visual thinkery

Dear Members

We wrote to you at the start of this year to update you on the strong strategic progress we have made as an Association in the past year. Our work over the past two years having been led by the values and aims set out in our current strategy

In six months, in February 2020, we will launch the next strategy for ALT and together with the Chair of the Board of Trustees, Sheila MacNeill, I am excited to share an update about this new vision for ALT with you and how you can help shape it.

Here is an overview of the consultation process:

  • June 2019: operational and financial planning led by ALT staff;
  • Sept 2019: consultation with Members at the meeting of the ALT Assembly including all Members Groups and Special Interest Groups and update for Members at the Annual General Meeting;
  • October and November 2019: strategy consultation via the ALT Assembly meetings
  • December 2019: wider consultation in conjunction with the ALT Annual Survey;
  • February 2020: launch of the new strategy.

The last strategy consultation resulted in a very clear set of shared values and a strong vision for ALT as the leading professional body for Learning Technology in the UK. The strategy provided the cornerstone for our successful transition into an independent, distributed, virtual organization.  The new strategy will provide the touchpoints for the continued development and growth of the Association for the next three years. 

As a member organisation it is vital that our members have input into the development of the new strategy. Community is one of our core values, and at the heart of everything we do and all of our successes.  The input we had from members through face to face and online meetings during our last strategy consultation made a significant impact and gave clear focus for our strategic direction. We want to build on that positive experience for our new strategy, starting with our first consultation during our annual conference in September. So between now and then, we ask all of our community to start thinking about what you value about our work and where/what areas you think we should develop further.   

If you’d like to read more about the development of ALT’s next strategy, read Sheila’s related post.