Launching the ALT Annual Survey 2023

We now invite you to complete ALT’s Annual Survey for 2023. ALT’s Annual Survey has now been running since 2014, helping shape the future of ALT by providing a unique insight into how Learning Technology is used across sectors as well as identifying emerging trends in current and future practice. The survey has always provided an important insight into how professional practice within the field of Learning Technology is developing. 

 The purpose of this survey is to:

  • Help map professional practice and development in Learning Technology;
  • Chart how Learning Technology is used across sectors;
  • Understand current practice to better meet the needs of and represent our Members. 


The Annual Survey helps to improve ALT's monitoring and reporting in order to promote equality, diversity and inclusion. 


Who should complete this survey?

The survey is open to all ALT Members, both individuals and organisations. We also welcome responses from all with an interest in Learning Technology. 

Representatives of member organisations are welcome to complete the survey once on an individual basis and also on behalf of their organisation. 

The survey should take you no more than 10 minutes to complete.


What happens to the data we collect?

All data submitted via this survey will be analysed and shared openly as part of the Open Covid Pledge for  Education in anonymised form and handled in accordance with the ALT Privacy Policy, see  


The closing date for responses is 5 February 2023 . Complete the survey now