Exciting Lineup of CPD Webinars for 2024

CPD Webinar Series 2024

Throughout 2024 we plan to hold regular CPD webinars, exclusively available to ALT members and free to attend.

As part of our strategic objectives, ALT provides CPD webinars delivered by the community to the community to share expertise and raise the profile of learning technology. 

Each workshop is designed to last up to one hour, and we aim to make these webinars as practical as possible, giving participants hands-on experience of the topic covered, providing a robust learning experience.

Upcoming confirmed webinars include:

Interested members can access the schedule for the 2024 CPD series on ALT's official events page. Registration for the above webinars is open, and additional sessions will be added in the coming months.

ALT encourages its members to seize this valuable opportunity for professional growth and development by participating in these informative and engaging CPD webinars.

For those eager to contribute to the 2025 CPD program of events, we invite expressions of interest in running a session. Interested individuals can reach out to Fiona Jones at fiona.jones@alt.ac.uk.