Celebrating partnership milestones with AmplifyFE

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In 2020, at the beginning of the partnership between ALT and Ufi, we set out with the aim to ‘grow AmplifyFE into a successful Community of Practice for vocational teaching staff to acquire and develop the digital, and digital pedagogical skills they need to thrive in vocational education.’  Little did we know then that shortly after the inception of the project a global pandemic would catapult vocational teaching staff to the forefront of emergency education and training with digital skills taking on a pivotal role during lockdown and beyond. 

Since 2020 the AmplifyFE community of practice has grown into a network which connects 3,000 professionals and amplifies communities of practice for digital learning, teaching and assessment in vocational education. This active community is in itself a significant asset, facilitating social knowledge sharing amongst practitioners as well as connecting innovators and developers from within the Ufi family with teachers and trainers able to help test ideas and try out new technologies. 

AmplifyFE as a network also provides insight into the changing sector landscape, leverage for policy work and advocacy, aligned with both ALT’s and Ufi's strategic priorities. To celebrate our partnership work reaching this three year milestone, we are proud to share this executive summary: