ALT at Bett 2024

Dr Teeroumanee Nadan, Independent Consultant and Researcher and Chair of ALT’s Anti-racism In Learning Technology Special Interest Group (ARLTSIG), will represent ALT at Bett 2024. Diversity and inclusion is a global theme at Bett 2024 that will explore ensuring equitable access to education, providing of range of assistive technologies and practices and creating a truly inclusive and representative school community and learning experience.

Teeroumanee’s session ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI): challenging the status quo’ will cover the challenges of working in and researching DEI, both from a structural and personal point of view. It will ask what it takes to challenge the status quo and to swerve past obstacles in order to continue DEI work, what values and virtues are important for impact and how to be empowered. The session will take delegates through a journey of emotions of discomfort, frustration, and finally empowerment. Join Teeroumanee on the day, with an open mind and be ready to hang in there for some DEI-ing! 

If you are attending Bett this year, stop by the Ahead - Sandbox on Friday 26 January at 12:00 and join Teeroumanee's session. 

Tickets for educators and individuals from schools, colleges, universitites or government entities are free! Register for Bett 2024 on their website.