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ALT-C Pre-Conference Workshop

Please note that this pre-conference workshop is also open to non-delegates.

Who should attend?

Workshop participants will largely be people with responsibility for operational or strategic development of learning technologies in universities and colleges.


Picture of Larry Johnson 

Larry Johnson, CEO, New Media Consortium
Samantha Adams, Director of Communications, New Media Consortium


During the last few months the New Media Consortium (NMC, http://www.nmc.org/), who have for a number of years produced an annual Horizon Report in association with EDUCAUSE, have been conducting a study from the perspective of UK universities and colleges. This has been undertaken with the support of JISC and the involvement of a panel of thought leaders from our community as the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board has worked through a number of stages culminating in a vote to identify what they see as the most important trends in technology and the likely impact of these trends. This work, which is online at http://jisc.wiki.nmc.org/, is being drawn together in a “Short List” to summarise the conclusions reached.

This workshop comprises the final stage of the project. Participants will receive a copy of the pre-release “Short List” by email during the week before the workshop. The workshop will be highly interactive and will be strongly oriented towards gathering perception and analysis from the participants.


The workshop will consider the conclusions of the Advisory Board in draft report form – the “Short List” - and seek answers to the question: “How can we maximise the ability of Higher and Further Education Institutions and their learning technology innovators to take advantage of these emerging technologies and applications?” To achieve this aim, the workshop will map out the key challenges, gaps etc and consider desirable actions - guidance, support or investment by sector bodies, collaboration, etc... - to overcome the obstacles and accelerate our exploitation of new opportunities.


(this is indicative between start and close times)

1245 – Buffet lunch on arrival

1315 - Introduction: An outline of the process and the place of the workshop within the overall Horizon Project

1345 - First round of interactive work

1445 - Refreshment break

1500 - Second round of interactive work

1545 - Plenary and  conclusions

1630 - Close

Room 8.90, EC Stoner Building, University of Leeds
05-09-2011 12:45 to 16:30

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