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Find out about CMALT

Part of: Changing the Learning Landscape Free Webinars

This webinar is part of the Changing the Learning Landscape Free Webinars series.

This ALT webinar will give participants a chance to find out about CMALT, a peer-based accreditation scheme for teaching and technical staff who use technology. You can access information about the scheme, including a prospectus, at http://www.alt.ac.uk/get-involved/certified-membership

The webinar will be run using Blackboard Collaborate 11. We will notify you of arrangements approximately three days prior to the webinar, giving you time to get your PC or Mac set up and tested, taking account of the guidance on the ALT web site at http://www.alt.ac.uk/events/webinar-faqs.

11-06-2013 12:30 to 13:30
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