CPD Webinar: Using 360° images and videos to create VR spaces for Education

This webinar is part of our 2021 CPD webinar sessions. Participants will earn an ALT CPD Open Badge which can be used as evidence towards accreditation via one of the pathways in ALT’s CMALT framework. 

If you missed a previous CPD webinar, recordings are available over on Youtube

Presenter:    Hadrian Cawthorne

At the School of Education, we saw an opportunity to use 360° image/video capture and VR technology to provide our students with immersive experiences. We are building a library of virtual spaces that include a diverse range of spaces such as classrooms, learning spaces, parks and playgrounds, museums and galleries. These can be experienced by students in a variety of ways - from using high-end VR headsets in the classroom such as Oculus Quest, inexpensive cardboard VR headsets, standard smartphones, or simply viewed in a web browser.

The webinar will be aimed mainly to those who are perhaps thinking about their first steps into using these kinds of technology (but of course anyone is welcome!), so it won’t be overly technical. We’ll give an outline of the project, discuss the production process in terms of what equipment and software we use, how we capture and process media and how we present this to students. We’ll also cover the many challenges we’ve had, such as finding a suitable platform, dealing with interactivity, student contributions and of course we’ll reflect on how it’s all worked in practice and what the students think.

23 Nov 2021 12:30 PM through  1:30 PM