What do we need to know about OA copyright publisher policies today? And what’s next for immediate OA?

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This webinar discusses a new report published by SPARC Europe that investigates the copyright retention policy amongst publishers, self-archiving policies and records publisher policies on open licensing, also as relating to the Plan S requirements on rights and licensing. 

Join the authors Chris Morrison, Jane Secker and Ignasi Labastida i Juan, on this webinar. What were their key findings and what – 20 years into OA – do they believe still needs to change to enable immediate OA?

You can send your questions to the panel in advance to copyright@sparceurope.org.

SPARC Europe is one of Europe’s key and long-standing voices advocating for unfettered access to research and education — for the academic and education community; for the whole of society. SPARC Europe is working to make Open the default in Europe.

3 Nov 2020 from  1:00 PM to  2:00 PM