#OER20: Back to the Fundamentals Workshop

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***Important update**

Unfortunately this event is cancelled. Please see our OER website for further information, and contact us at helpdesk@alt.ac.uk for any refunds or other enquiries. 


To teach on the Web you need to think like the Web. The World Wide Web forms a big part of everyday life as well as work and study. It’s where we share knowledge, form opinions and engage with journalism, politics, education, culture and science. To engage critically with how the Web works, participate fully in day-to-day online activities, and understand how to make sure the Web is an open and participatory space for others, we need to know how it works and have access to the means of web production.

This workshop will provide an in-depth, hands-on examination for beginner and intermediate internauts on how various elements of the Web works within a LAMP server environment. It will offer participants a greater comfort-level with how DNS works, the basics of the FTP protocol, various uses and abuses of command line, file management, editing basic HTML and PHP code, as well as dissecting how database-driven applications works. The workshop will provide all attendees with their own sandbox server environment to work within, and each part of the workshop will provide an overview of the technology followed by a hands-on activity that will put theory into action! 

Hosts: Reclaim Hosting & Coventry University 

31 Mar 2020 10:00 AM through  4:00 PM
University of Coventry
United Kingdom