ELESIG: ChatGPT and the student digital learning experience

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This is a round table event that includes Rob Howe and Rhona Sharpe to discuss the impact of this technology on the student learning experience and how we might research it.

It is difficult to escape conversations about the recent release of ChatGPT. This sudden jump in awareness and capabilities of AI raises questions about the student learning experience and how we might understand its impact. We would like to provide a space to talk about how and what we might learn about the student use and perceptions of AI. Is there a need for focused look at this or does this fit in to existing frameworks or questions about the students' experience? If there are opportunities what are the broad areas this affects? Where do we think it is priority, and are there any past lessons from past digital experience evaluations that we should think about now? If you have some grant money and the time what would be your focus? Come along and share your ideas.

20 Feb 2023 from  2:00 PM to  3:00 PM
United Kingdom