Using MS Teams and OneNote to deliver lecture style content

This session will be of particular interest to anyone who teaches using handwritten mathematical notation for mathematics, finance, economics, physics, chemistry and others. You can sign up at the following link:; the session will be recorded, so if you cannot attend, just sign up, and you’ll get the link to the recording.

Webinar abstract:

“During this session I would like to demonstrate how Microsoft Teams and OneNote can be used to deliver lecture style content to students in a way that broadly replicates the facilities available in lecture theatres. If you have a tablet and stylus pen, this could be of particular interest if you would typically use a whiteboard of visualiser during your sessions – for example for numerical, mathematical or formula driven sessions where you would like to demonstrate techniques to students. Using Microsoft Teams, you can share your desktop with students who have joined your meeting. Writing in Microsoft OneNote then enables you to demonstrate techniques effectively by live streaming the answers that you write onto your tablet device. You can also record your session in Microsoft Teams so that a session can be delivered synchronously to students who can join the meeting live, as well as asynchronously to those who cannot.”

Andrew Smerdon, Teaching Fellow in Accounting & Finance at the Lancaster University Management School, will give a practical workshop via webinar on how he uses OneNote to deliver lectures. By adding MS Teams to the mix, we create a solution for remote learning and teaching. 



  • You’ll be able to ask questions, share suggestions and so on via a chat window.
  • The session will be recorded.
  • Your feedback after the session is very welcomed. You can submit your feedback anonymously after the session.  

The webinar will run in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. If you have not used Collaborate Ultra before, it may be helpful to consult our webinar FAQs

27 Mar 2020 12:00 PM   through   1:00 PM
United Kingdom