Reading, writing… and other options

Woman reading, sitting on a pile of books

Do you enjoy reading? Do you enjoy reading books about learning technology?

The #ALTC blog publishes reviews of books on the subject of learning technology in a broad sense. Would you like to write the occasional book review for the blog? You would receive the books for free and be able to read and review them as you have time.

The blog is read by over 2,000 readers and has over 400 subscriptions. You could gain exposure to others working in your field and help colleagues choose the right books for them.

Doesn’t appeal? Could you write a blog for us on another subject? Would you like to review an event, a course or a software program or some software? Could you conduct an interview or write a case study? Your blog post doesn’t even have to be written: it could take the form of a video or could include video, audio or images.

Interested? Follow these links to see the blog, read some previous book reviews and and find out how to write for us.

(Image by Gaelle Marcel