Open Education Week, 1-5 March 2021

Founded in 2013 by the Open Education Consortium, the goal of Open Education Week is to raise awareness and showcase the impact of open education on teaching and learning worldwide.

ALT's 2020-25 Strategy sets out openness as one of the Association's core values. Openness informs our aim to 'increase the impact of Learning Technology for public benefit', and the Open Education movement, which seeks to capitalise on the opportunities afforded by digital technology and communication, is an important driver for the wider and more effective use of Learning Technology. In turn, the expertise of Learning Technology practitioners has a key role to play in enabling and promoting the widespread adoption of open educational resources (OER) and practices.

Over the course of this week, 1-5 March, we come together with the global community to advocate for openness in education and to celebrate the success of the Open Education movement in improving access to and quality of education worldwide. You can explore the packed programme at

Coming up soon after Open Education Week on 21-22 April 2021 is OER21xDomains, you can also follow the conference on social media with the hashtag #OERxDomains21. The themes of this year’s Open Education Conference are:

Theme 1: Openness, care, and joy in the times of pandemic;

Theme 2: Open Education responses to surveillance technologies and data ownership in education;

Theme 3: Open in Action: open teaching, educational practices and resources, how you might be using Domains and other tools;

Theme 4: Shifts in agency and creativity as empowerment of learners and educators;

Theme 5: Open Source Tools: infrastructure, cloud environments, targeted teaching tools.

ALT also offers fully funded scholarship opportunities for all of our events, to ensure open access for all. You can find out more about our OER21 scholarship places here

ALT have a number of CPD webinars coming up, which are free to attend and open to all. In the coming weeks, these will cover topics such as supporting academic staff in the move to online teaching, from VLE to LXP during a pandemic, and Diversity and Digital Leadership. Find out further information and register your place on our website

ALT also publishes a number of open access resources, including the #altc blog and RLT journal. Research in Learning Technology aims to raise the profile of research in learning technology, encouraging research that informs good practice and contributes to the development of policy.  

The #altc blog contains a wide range of posts and articles, including news, opinion pieces, project updates, case studies, book reviews, ‘a week in the life’ summaries of the work of people in the Learning Technology field.