Membership fees frozen and member benefits enhanced in 2016

The Association's membership fees won't increase in 2016 across any categories of membership. Fees will remain at the 2014 level for the second year running in recognition of the difficult economic circumstances many individuals and member organisations are facing. After a review of progress in delivering the strategy and member services over the past year Trustees endorsed the recommendation not to raise fees put forward on behalf of members by Sarah Sherman, Chair of ALT's Committee for Membership Development. 

Commenting on the feedback from members collected in the last Annual Survey, Sarah said: "as a Trustee and Chair of the ALT Membership Development Committee, it’s really pleasing to see how many people completed this year’s survey. As a membership organisation, it’s vital that we know who we are serving and how we can best meet our community’s requirements."

We continuously aim to enhance the benefits our members receive. For example the email news digest changed its publication recently from fortnightly to weekly, responding to demand from members for more frequent news and job adverts. Also enhancing ALT's membership offer is the online winter conference at which only members are able to lead sessions and showcase their work. 

Later this year, as part of a consultation with members for the 2017-2020 ALT Strategy, we will seek members' input on membership benefits and fees for the coming years. 

Our membership pages contain more information on the categories of membership and how to join the Association