Extraordinary Stories of Open and Online in the COVID-19 Era

Worldwide we have all been more than busy adjusting to changes in how we live and work all brought by the COVID-19 crisis. For educators, "pivoting" sounds a bit quaint for the mammoth efforts done in altering course delivery, adjusting schedules, adapting to working and learning away from our usual locales, and most importantly. addressing student needs.

It’s been as often said, an unprecedented time. In the rush of these longer days of work and worry, leaving a wake of remote meeting fatigue, there are extraordinary efforts by educators worth openly sharing widely, as both a source of inspiration and also for ideas worth exploring.

I've put to use a SPLOT to collect such stories at https://splot.ca/extraordinary/

While the adjective "extraordinary" might suggest superhuman feats, the site is actually aimed at the smaller scale stories of individual efforts. No story of this time period is too small to be worth sharing.

I hope a world wide collection of these can help being a sense of connection beyond the virus and the worries. There is room for your story here. Please share one and pass the link on https://splot.ca/extraordinary/collect

By Alan Levine.