CMALT & Blended Learning Essentials Update

The CMALT Accreditation Framework provides pathways to peer-assessed accreditation for Learning Technology professionals in the UK and internationally. Recently, the CMALT and Blended Learning Essentials framework mapping has been updated. 


The mapping allows Associate CMALT candidates to utilise their work from all four of the Blended Learning Essentials courses provided by the University of Leeds, and specific unit mapping can be found here


If you haven’t considered our CMALT Accreditation Framework, we offer Associate, Certified, and Senior Pathways to peer-assessed accreditation. With our CMALT accreditation, you gain stronger recognition for your skills and experience, develop transferable skills, receive feedback and accreditation from peers, and increase the impact of your professional achievements for recruitment and appraisal. 


You can find out more here, or contact our Membership & Professional Development Manager, Debbie Baff,