Announcing the ALT Awards judging panel for 2024

ALT Awards Judging Panel portrait photos

We are thrilled to announce the final judging panel for the ALT Awards 2024! The ALT Awards have recognized and celebrated excellent research and practice and outstanding achievement in Learning Technology since its introduction in 2007. Setting a benchmark for exceptional achievements in Learning Technology on a national level, the awards attract competitive entries from both the UK and internationally. 

This year, we are excited to present 5 awards, covering leadership, ethical practice, digital transformation, teams, and individuals. Heading our distinguished panel is David White, the President of ALT, alongside a lineup of professionals representing diverse sectors. The panel includes past award winners, ALT Trustees, and ALT Members who expressed their interest through an open call at the end of 2023. The 2024 panel are:

Award for Individuals

  • Beccy Dresden, Online Learning Consultant
  • Matt Turner, University of Birmingham
  • Nurun Nahar, University of Bolton
  • Nicola Rees, BPP University 


ALT Award for Institutions and Teams

  • Charlotte Stevens, Warwick University
  • Stuart Allan, Arden University
  • Claire Stocks, BPP University
  • Lucinda Bromfield, BPP University
  • Miranda Melcher, City University of London


ALT Award for Case Studies of Ethical EdTech 

  • Ruggero De Agostini, BPP University
  • Javeira Atenas, University of Suffolk
  • Sam Penrice, BPP University
  • Ruth Powell, University of the Arts, London
  • David White, President of ALT


ALT Award for Leadership in Digital Education

  • Felicia Tick, Business School, BPP University
  • Erica Farmer, Quantum Rise
  • Deb Baff, Jisc
  • David White, President of ALT
  • David Hopkins, Learning Mate UK


ALT Award for Digital Transformation in partnership with Jisc

  • Evi Liatiri, University of Sunderland in London
  • Timothy Drysdale, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh
  • Julie Man, BPP University
  • Scott Farrow, Edgehill University
  • Sarah Knight, Jisc
  • Kelly Gilman, Jisc


The Awards will open for entries in just a few weeks on 15 April, so keep an eye on our news and social feeds for more information. As usual, we will be celebrating our award winners at the ALT Annual Conference 2024.