#ALTC24 Call for Proposals

Doing, reflecting, improving, collaborating

The #ALTC24 Call for Proposals is open until 17:00 BST Thursday 9 May 2024 and proposals are invited that focus on the principles of “doing, reflecting, improving, and collaborating”. 

In a world of constant change and evolving challenges, the ability to engage in proactive action, thoughtful introspection, continuous enhancement, and meaningful collaboration is paramount. The conference will serve as a platform for individuals and organisations alike to share insights, experiences, and strategies aimed at fostering growth, driving positive change, and collective progress in the sector.

Across three days, we will critically examine current practices as well as looking to the future. Join us to analyse what we might do differently and collectively discuss where developments in learning theory and learning technology might lead us.

Submit your proposal for ALTC24.


We welcome proposals that focus on the following themes:

Cultivating Collaboration

Partnerships are increasingly important, both internally and externally. That might be learners as partners, partnerships with vendors, or national and international partners.

  • What partnerships are you cultivating?
  • What lessons have you learned?
  • Are you seeking new partnerships?


Reviewing, Reflecting, Re-imagining

Part of the learning cycle is to reflect, review, and re-imagine how we do things.

  • How do we effectively review, reflect and re-imagine our own work?
  • What achievements and challenges have you experienced?
  • What reflections do you have on digital learning – that might be approaches to learning, old and new ‘tools’ we’re using well, or in different ways?
  • How do we (re-)imagine learning technology post-2024?


Inviting Improvement

  • What opportunities do we create for continuing professional development (CPD)?
  • How can we leverage the lifelong learning entitlement, digital badging, and digital literacies?
  • How do we develop ourselves and others through leadership and coaching?
  • How do we include both students and staff in these development opportunities?
  • How do we link this to continuous quality improvement in the learning and teaching we support?


Emerging research 

Research or case studies focused on learning technology and education practices. Papers submitted to this theme will be published in our Annual Conference 2024 proceedings


If you’ve got something else to shout about or a challenge for which you want input from others, this is your slot.

Session formats

Proposals may take any of the following formats:

60 minute workshop (an interactive and practical learning session)
30 minute research paper
15 minute presentation
60 minute ALTC radio show

New for 2024: 60 minute radio shows on ALTC Radio

Are you an aspiring radio DJ, or just fancy contributing something a little different to the conference this year? This is your chance to grab one of our ALTC Radio slots. You’ll have one hour to play your favourite tunes and chat about all things learning tech to both our onsite attendees and listeners around the globe. Radio slots will be a mix of pre-recorded and live.

The deadline for proposals is 17:00 BST on 9th May 2024.

Submit your proposal for ALTC24