ALT & Naace agree joint strategy to improve access to edtech

ALT has recently signed an Memorandum of Understanding with Naace, which provides a framework for areas of joint working between both organisations. It sets out how the two organisations will work together to ensure that shared objectives are taken forward, and provides a platform for future collaboration. 


The MoU agrees to:

  • Influence and help shape policy on the government’s learning technology agenda.

  • Enhance relationships on issues which the two associations have common interests.

  • Share information on technology for learning.

  • Offer reciprocal organisational or sponsoring membership to one another.

  • Run joint events on areas of shared interest.

  • Collaborate on joint projects.


Both Naace and ALT have also committed to twice-yearly meetings to discuss and agree recommendations on joint working and future opportunities. Between these formal meetings, the organisations will provide regular updates on arising matters and opportunities.


Philip Blackburn, Naace Chair, commented: “Naace is delighted to announce the MoU with the Association for Learning Technology. Building on excellent relations with the organisation, we believe this formal agreement will help elevate the successful implementation of technologies in schools and continue to highlight the value of dynamic edtech strategies. Naace members will benefit greatly from this collaborative approach, sharing ideas and information. Our community of teachers, school leaders and commercial partners across UK education all share a common vision for the developing role of technology and the MoU is testament to this.” 


Chief Executive of ALT, Dr Maren Deepwell, said: “ALT’s Board of Trustees is looking forward to working more closely with Naace to the benefit of both membership communities. In these challenging times in particular, collaboration is more important than ever before as the scale of the work our Members are undertaking is ever increasing. Learning Technologists are at the heart of our efforts to keep vital education provision running throughout the crisis and shaping a longer term strategy for how we can best develop in future.” 


Who are Naace?


Naace represents the voice of the UK education technology community in the schooling sector at both a national and international level. Our expertise puts us in the ideal position to support individuals and groups throughout education by providing resources to streamline access to edtech and encourage development.


Our Self-Review Framework, which has been undertaken by over 14,000 schools in the UK, is just one of the many reasons schools partner with Naace. Read our previous blog to find out more about how the framework can act as a springboard for your school edtech strategy.


Who are ALT?

The Association for Learning Technology (ALT) is the leading professional body for Learning Technology in the UK. We represent individual and organisational Members from all sectors including Further and Higher Education and industry. We provide recognition and accreditation for all with a professional interest in Learning Technology.

Our overall charitable objective is "to advance education through increasing, exploring and disseminating knowledge in the field of Learning Technology for the benefit of the general public". Our core activities are focused on membership services that help us achieve our strategic aims and generate the majority of ALT’s income as an independent charity.


Since we were established in 1993, our community has grown to over 3,500 Members as Learning Technology has become a fundamental part of learning, teaching and assessment. The pervasiveness of learning technology means that many working in education will be involved with it in some form, so therefore we embrace the diverse range of roles, titles and terminology in Learning Technology across sectors.