ALT Introduces Inaugural CMALT Committee

CMALT Committee, Established 2024

ALT is pleased to announce the launch of our very first CMALT Committee, in response to the continuing growth of the number of Certified Members and CMALT Assessors. The Committee will work to contribute to the success and development of the CMALT accreditation scheme and assessment process across all three CMALT pathways. 

The committee is made up of 13 current CMALT holders as listed below, all appointed for a three-year term. We also have two lead CMALT Trustees, Puiyin Wong and Sharon Flynn, who will work closely with the Committee. We look forward to welcoming all Committee Members to our first meeting in the coming months. 

  1. Abbi Shaw
  2. Andy Blackall
  3. Darren Gash
  4. Devampika Getkahn
  5. Hennie Yip
  6. Jade Kimberley
  7. Julie Voce
  8. Karisha Kimone George
  9. Laurie Wilson
  10. Matt Cornock
  11. Richard Beggs
  12. Sammy White
  13. Vicky Devaney

Members of the CMALT Committee will:

  • Represent ALTs Members, CMALT candidates, and assessors;
  • Contribute to the development of ALT’s CMALT accreditation scheme and assessment process;
  • Share feedback and experiences that will help the development and improvement of the scheme;
  • Feedback on proposed developments and changes to the scheme.


For more information on the CMALT scheme, contact us on or have a look at our CMALT support page.