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Learning Technology plays an ever more central role in education at all levels. With this comes the need to measure excellence in this field and determine what good practice looks like. 

ALT has been sharing, disseminating and promoting knowledge and best practice since 1993, helping to inform the appropriate and effective use of technology for learning, teaching and assessment.

With a growing membership of over 2,300 individual Learning Technology professionals, the organisation has the collective expertise to play a leading role in establishing professional benchmarks and models as tools, practice and skills evolve. We are committed both to disseminating and supporting the research and practice of ALT members through our publications, members and special interest groups, and events, and to leading professionalisation in the field by providing relevant and rigorous accreditation for individual practitioners. This is why - as Maren Deepwell, chief executive of ALT, explains in a post for the Efficiency Exchange - ALT is developing its accreditation scheme, CMALT, to take account of the growing proportion of the education workforce to which knowledge and skills in relation to Learning Technology are relevant:

If you would like to find out more or get involved with these developments, visit and sign up for more information. If you are interested in disseminating your research or practice through ALT's publications or forums such as the Efficiency Exchange, please see further information at, or email us at ALT is a content partner with Efficiency Exchange, which publishes regular blogs from HE professionals, sharing their insights and approaches to problem-solving in response to challenges facing the sector. If you have a story about innovation or good practice at your institution, posting through ALT at Efficiency Exchange is a way to showcase your work and build your network.