ALSIG: Assessments - What to avoid with cheating and how to create new types of assessments using GenAI

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The webinar will be presented by Dr. Helen Crompton is the Executive Director of the Research Institute for Digital Innovation in Learning at ODUGlobal, Professor of Instructional Technology, and Director of the Virtual Reality Lab at Old Dominion University, USA. Dr. Crompton has achieved a place on Stanford's esteemed list of the top 2% of scientists worldwide. This presentation addresses the escalating concern of student cheating facilitated by artificial intelligence, in particular tools, such as ChatGPT. Strategic measures are presented to mitigate these challenges. Furthermore, we will explore the use of AI for new approaches to gauge student understanding by creating assessments that are resistant to manipulation and foster genuine understanding.

8 Apr 2024 from  1:00 PM to  2:00 PM
United Kingdom