Occasional Publications

Occassional Publications published since 2000 are currently being moved to the ALT Open Access Repository from which we are going to be making them available systematically for everyone. In the meantime, the following information is available, but should you have a particular enquiry, please contact us.

Select publications

  • A summary discussion of the use of learning technologies in further education: AoC/ALT position paper, September 2014.

  • Changing the learning landscape: A project report from the CLL Consortium (Association for Learning Technology, The Higher Education Academy, Jisc, Leadership Foundation for Higher Education and National Union of Students). Published August 2013.
  • Technology in learning: A response to some questions from the Department of Business Innovation and Skills  with a foreward from John Cook, Chair of the ALT Research Committee and Trustee of ALT and Richard Noss, Director of the Technology Enhanced Learning Research Programme. Published October 2010.
  • The positioning of educational technologists in enhancing the student experience byTom Browne and Helen Beetham. Report funded by The Higher Education Academy under their Call4: Enhancing Learning and Teaching through the use of Technology. Published September 2010

Other publications

The CAMEL Project: Collaborative Approaches to the Management of E-Learning [September 2006]. CAMEL was a project funded by the HEFCE Leadership, Governance and Management programme, led by JISC infoNet and managed by ALT. It explored how institutions using e-learning could learn from each other in a Community of Practice based around study visits to each partner's site. Copies of this free report [ISBN 978-1-86135-338-2] can be ordered or downloaded from the CAMEL page on the JISC infoNet web site.

ALT/QIA "E-learning: making it work" Conference [October 2007]. This second event for practitioners and leaders in further, workplace, adult, and community learning, held in Nottingham on 11 October 2007, has been captured in a series of short reports based on the twenty conference sessions.

ALT/LSDA "E-learning: making IT work" Conference [October 2005]. This FE Practitioners' event, held in London on 13 October 2005, has been captured in a series of 3-4 page A4 hand-outs based on the conference sessions, which are available from the 2005 FE Practitioner Conference page. A 70-page compilation [0.5MB PDF] of all the hand-outs from the conference is also available from this location.

Publications from the SURF e-learning theme web site by Marja Verstelle, Peter B Sloep, Gayle Calverley. This occasional column, first published on the online ALT-N Issue 5 July 2006, provides summaries of articles published mostly in English on the SURF E-learning Theme Site. Links to PDFs of the work and contact details are provided. See the ALT-N online newsletter for more information.

ALT/SURF/ILTA Seminar: Reflective learning, future thinking: digital repositories, e-portfolios, informal learning and ubiquitous computing (2005) The findings of the second joint ALT-SURF Working Seminar, held with ILTA, on 1 April 2005 in Trinity College, Dublin, Irelnd, are presented. The briefing paper presents perspectives and contributions on current topics from fifty-eight international participants.

ALT/SURF/ILTA, October 2005. pp12. 210x297mm. Online Version Available [~186kB PDF]

The Think Tank: Making Lifelong Learning a Reality (2005) captures think tank sessions and debate from the ALT and JISC infoNet hosted workshop 'IT Won't Work Here!' held at Birmingham's Orange Studio, February 2005. The sessions discuss practical solutions to problems, and the debate surrounds "Joining up learning across organisations is for the benefit of the institutions/government and not for the learner". Further information from JISC infoNet

Making Connections: British perspectives on learning technology developments in Netherlands higher education (2004) reports on findings of an ALT-SURF UK study tour to the Netherlands between 6 & 11 April 2003. The report focuses on the four themes of Virtual Learning Environments, learning technology standards, staff development, and learning technology policy, reflecting the prime interests and concerns of the participants at the point of the tour. Authors: Gayle Calverley, Lisa Corley, Linda Creanor, Allison Littlejohn, Martin Jenkins, Barbara Newland. Editors: Rhonda Riachi, George Roberts.

Association for Learning Technology, 2004. pp70. 174mmx244mm. ISBN 0-9545870-2-2. £15.00 each.

Evaluation in e-learning: the European Academic Sofware Award (2004) This timely publication summarises the experiences of judging educational software over the past ten years and makes recommendations for the future of e-learning. EKMA launched the book at the 2004 finals to mark the tenth anniversary of the EASA awards. It is competitively priced at 10 euros and can be ordered from the EKMA web site.

ALT-SURF Seminar: ePortfolios and Digital Repositories (2004) The findings of the first joint ALT- SURF Working Seminar held on 22 and 23 April 2004 in Edinburgh, UK, are presented in two briefing papers. The briefing papers present perspectives and contributions on both topics from forty-four participants from three countries (UK, Netherlands, USA). Both briefing papers are available in the combined seminar report, with a foreword from ALT and SURF by Rhonda Riachi and Bas Cordewener. ALT-SURF, October 2004. pp18. 210x297mm. Online Version Available. (384kb, PDF format).

Learning Technology in Transition: From Individual Enthusiasm to Institutional Implementation (2003) This book was written to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the ALT and to chart the impact - past and future - of learning technology on post compulsory education. Contributors are drawn from the UK, the Netherlands and Australia to provide a diverse perspective on developments over the past ten years. Editor: Jane K Seale (University of Southampton)

Read the review in the journal of Educational Technology & Society ISSN 1436-4522.

Swets & Zeitlinger, 2003. pp166. 175x246mm. ISBN 90 265 1963 X Hardback: £53.25. To order please go to Taylor & Francis

Keeping Up with our Neighbours: ICT developments in Australian Higher Education (2002) covers major findings from a series of fourteen institutional visits across Australia by a European contingent interested in electronic and flexible learning developments. Editor: Petra Boezerooy (University of Twente).

ALT / SURF / LTSN Generic Centre, 2002. pp160. 172x243mm. ISBN 1-90419-030-8. Free to Educational Institutions.

ALT and LTSN Generic Centre e-Learning Starter Guides (2002-2003) are written by key academics in each of the fields covered by the guides. The guides offer an initial context and background surrounding use of existing tools for new lecturers and learning technologists within their roles. The series comprises eight introductory guides:

Online Versions Available. (40kb-1.04MB, PDF format).

Access All Areas: technology, disability and learning (2002) is a practical guide of advice to teachers, lecturers and support staff who are planning measures to make their courses accessible to disabled students. Editors: Dr Jane Seale (Kings College London), Lawrie Phipps and Allan Sutherland (TechDis).

ALT / TechDis, 2002. ISBN: 1-904190-18-9 pp86. 297x210mm. Paperback: £15.00 Discounts for bulk orders available. Online version available (963kb, PDF format). Alternative accessible formats for this publiction are available from TechDis.

An Introduction to Learning Technology within Tertiary Education in the UK (2001) provides a general overview of the current learning technology issues in UK tertiary education and gives pointers to obtaining more information. Essential reading for those new to the field or just needing a broader view of LT resources and initiatives. The booklet contains six sections: the LT arena, the LT community, LT tools, key issues and developments in the field, implementing LT, further resources and a glossary of terms used. Editors: Dr Jane Seale (Kings College London) and Merce Rius-Riu (University of Kent).

Association for Learning Technology, 2001. pp 34. 297x210mm. Online version available (2.6MB, PDF format).

The Changing Face of Learning Technology (2000) is based on seminal articles from ALT-J in the seven volumes since the journal began in 1993. The volume includes four sections: design and evaluation of technology-mediated environments, institutional change, learning technology in a networked infrastructure and reflections on future possibilities. Editors: Prof David Squires, Dr Grainne Conole and Prof Gab Jacobs.

University of Wales Press, 2000. pp vi186. 254x170mm. ISBN: 0-7083-1681-6
Paperback: £14.99 Members' special price: £10.00 from the ALT office.