Open Access revolution for learning technology journal

Issued 8 February 2011

The Association for Learning Technology’s journal Research in Learning Technology is set to reach a far wider international audience as a result of ALT’s decision to turn the journal into an Open Access publication.

Seb Schmoller, Chief Executive of ALT, says: “From January 2012 Research in Learning Technology will be available to anyone with an Internet connection anywhere in the world rather than only to those working for institutions with a paid for subscription. Thus school teachers, educational technologists in the private sector, FE staff, and others (including journalists!), who do not have the convenient online access that is the norm in most of UK academia, will soon have easy access to our journal.”

Recently, open access peer-reviewed scholarly journals have started to challenge those published under the traditional model. ALT sees this greater openness as a welcome development, ensuring that what someone can read does not depend on the accident of where they work. “Making our journal open puts us at the leading edge of scholarly publication,” said Seb Schmoller.

The decision to go open access has the support of the journal’s Editorial Board and of ALT’s Research Committee and Board of Trustees, and it follows a competitive market testing of publishing arrangement run last year by ALT.

Edited by Frances Bell of Salford University and Rhona Sharpe of Oxford Brookes University, the journal will be transferred to the Swedish Open Access publisher Co-Action Publishing at the end of 2011.

The journal will continue to be available in print by subscription for those who need it in that format.

“This change represents a major development for ALT”, said Seb Schmoller. “Amongst the scholarly societies we are in the first wave to make the switch to Open Access, and we will be happy to share our experiences with others considering treading the same path.”

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Notes to Editors:

ALT is a professional and scholarly association. ALT's charitable object is “to advance education through increasing, exploring and disseminating knowledge in the field of learning technology for the benefit of the general public”. Its six aims are to:

  • represent and support our members, and provide services for them;
  • facilitate collaboration between practitioners, researchers, and policy makers;
  • spread good practice in the use of learning technology;
  • raise the profile of research in learning technology;
  • support the professionalisation of learning technologists;
  • contribute to the development of policy.

ALT has over 700 individual members and over 200 organisational members including most of the UK’s universities, many FE colleges, and several globally important information technology businesses. ALT has published Research in Learning Technology (previously known as ALT-J) since 1993.

For further information contact Seb Schmoller, Chief Executive of ALT on +44 114 2586899, or on +44 775 3324503, or by email:

ALT is registered charity 1063519. Gipsy Lane, Heading ton, Oxford, OX3 0BP, UK.