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ALT's fifth Online Winter Conference - a showcase for the outstanding work in learning technology happening across the ALT community - is coming up soon on 11-12 December, following on from our 25th anniversary celebrations at the ALT Annual Conference in Manchester in September. 

With over 3500 members our community is growing all the time, extending our reach and enhancing our ability to support learning technology professionals and to strengthen the public impact of learning technology. Why not take a moment to have a look at some of the opportunities for you to get more involved in ALT, enhance your networks, and further your professional development.

Members and Special Interest Groups

Connect with colleagues through Members Groups spread across the UK, and Special Interest Groups covering topics such as Open Education, Playful Learning, and Learning Spaces:

ALT-Members Discussion List

The ALT-Members list is a great place to discuss and share knowledge about learning technology and to connect with other ALT members:

ALT Events

ALT conferences and events offer opportunities to share research and case studies, promote innovation and engage in an active dialogue with professionals across sectors online and face to face:

Learning Technologist of the Year Awards

The ALT Learning Technologist of the Year Awards celebrate and reward excellent research and practice and outstanding achievement in Learning Technology:


Read the latest news and views on the #ALTC Blog, or contribute a piece yourself:

Read leading research, and submit your own research articles, to ALT's international Open Access journal, Research in Learning Technology.

Submit news items or job vacancies to the weekly ALT News Digest:

Certified Membership of ALT (CMALT)

CMALT is ALT's peer-based professional accreditation scheme, enabling people whose work involves learning technology to have their experience and capabilities certified by peers, and to demonstrate that they are taking a committed and serious approach to their professional development. Find out more at

Find out more about the ALT Strategy and what we do: you can explore the strategy slides, download the full text in PDF or Google docs. Visual content is available on Flickr.

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