About Organisational Membership

We value our members

Organisational Membership of ALT is open to any organisation or institution with an interest in promoting best practice and research in Learning Technology. 

Organisational Membership begins at £204: http://go.alt.ac.uk/OrganisationalMembership. Membership benefits are outlined at https://www.alt.ac.uk/membership/membership-benefits. Contact membership@alt.ac.uk if you would like further information.

Information for Organisational Membership representatives

Member organisations nominate an individual to maintain the membership and promote membership opportunities within their organisation.

The following information is intended to help ALT Organisational Membership representatives raise awareness of these opportunities among colleagues. This page is licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 (CC BY-SA 4.0) licence. You are welcome to adapt it for your own purposes: if you do so please acknowledge this page as your source and link to the main ALT website, www.alt.ac.uk  

Digital and physical packs of promotional materials are available for Organisational representatives upon request to support your promotion of ALT within your organisation, please contact membership@alt.ac.uk

ALT runs regular webinars covering recent highlights from ALT's work and events, activities, and opportunities coming up: see www.alt.ac.uk/events

There is an informal meet-up for Organisational representatives at the ALT Annual Conference each September - come along to connect with colleagues in other institutions. Further information will be found in the Conference Programme and Guide.

About ALT

Founded in 1993, the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), registered charity number 1160039, and the UK's leading membership organisation in the Learning Technology field. ALT’s purpose is to ensure that the use of Learning Technology is effective and efficient, informed by research and practice, and grounded in an understanding of the underlying technologies, their capabilities, and the contexts in which they are used. Learning Technology is defined as the broad range of communication, information and related technologies that can be used to support learning, teaching, and assessment.

We do this by bringing together practitioners, researchers, and policy makers in Learning Technology to improve practice, promote research, and influence policy. More details about ALT can be found here: https://www.alt.ac.uk/about-alt; or read the latest news and views on the #ALTC Blog.

Organisational Membership

All employees of Organisational Members of ALT are entitled to a free Associate Membership, providing individual access to member services, including members-only lists and discounted event fees. 
Join as an Associate member at http://go.alt.ac.uk/JoinAssociate
Get connected as an ALT member at: https://www.alt.ac.uk/get-connected
Benefits of membership include:
  • Subscription to the ALT news digest and option to submit content
  • Access to the ALT Members-only discussion list
  • Free access to ALT's online events and live participation
  • Discounted access to ALT's face-to-face events including the Annual Conference
  • Free access to ALT publications including the newsletter, journal and occasional publications
  • Opportunities to contribute to policy work and member surveys
  • Options to create and run Special and Regional Interest Groups
  • Discounts on group CMALT registrations
  • FREE Associate Membership for all employees
Check the public list of ALT's Organisational Members to find out who your Organisational representative is (N.B. this is an opt-in list): https://www.alt.ac.uk/membership/organisational-member-list
Get in touch with ALT at membership@alt.ac.uk if you have any questions.

ALT Annual Conference

The ALT Annual Conference is the UK's main conference for Learning Technologists and one of the largest conferences of its kind. It is held over three days every September, providing a valuable and practical forum for practitioners, researchers, managers and policy-makers from education and industry to solve problems, explore, reflect, influence and learn.
More information about the conference can be found here: https://www.alt.ac.uk/altc


ALT offers a peer-based professional accreditation scheme for individuals whose work involves Learning Technology - Certified Membership of the Association for Learning Technology (CMALT).
CMALT involves completion of a portfolio based on a robust but flexible framework, able to accommodate diverse job roles, and structured around four core principles: 
  • A commitment to exploring and understanding the interplay between technology and learning;
  • A commitment to keep up-to-date with new technologies
  • An empathy with and willingness to learn from colleagues from different backgrounds and specialisms;
  • A commitment to communicate and disseminate effective practice.
Details of the scheme (including a List of CMALT holders, support and resources, and how to apply) are available from https://www.alt.ac.uk/get-involved/certified-membership
Discounts are available for group registrations from organisational members.
Disclaimer: This information is correct in February 2019, but please double-check against the ALT website, www.alt.ac.uk, for current information.