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Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) SIG

Remit of the SIG

  1. To enable people whose work relates to MOOCs to compare notes and share experiences.
  2. To provide a broader forum for the discussion of MOOC­-related, for example:
  • quality assurance and enhancement;
  • the impact of MOOCs on teaching and learning, and on strategic developments in campus­based institutions.


The SIG is deliberately not seeking to define what is (or is not) a MOOC but rather will encourage participants to share notes and compare experiences across a wide range of “MOOC like" activities. Similarly "people whose work relates to MOOCs" is defined broadly to include:

  • teaching in a MOOC;
  • authenticating MOOCs in the business and education communities;
  • working on content or assessments for use in MOOCs, and their overall design;
  • developing or maintaining platforms for MOOCs;
  • providing learner-support within MOOCs;
  • researching MOOCs and evaluating their impact;
  • setting policy that relates to MOOCs;
  • sharing good practice relating to MOOCs;
  • using MOOC-inspired pedagogy or techniques.


The inaugural officers of the SIG are:

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Find us on Twitter:  @altmoocsig and also #altmoocsig