Anti-racist Approaches in Technology – a FutureLearn course

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In this webinar, Liza Layne will give an overview of the FutureLearn MOOC ‘Anti-Racist Approaches to Technology'. Liza will describe the content of the course, the types of activities students engaged with and a brief evaluation of the course. This will be followed by a Q&A with Liza and the webinars participants.

Liza Layne will give an overview of the Anti-Racist Approaches to Technology course which was designed to help students be critical of technologies and the racism they can reinforce. The course lasted three weeks and was delivered on the FutureLearn platform.

The first week of the course explored how racial inequalities can be produced or reinforced by technologies, and how this can come about. The second week looked at examples of anti-racist technologies and ways to tackles racism in organisations and reflect on things that get in the way of creating anti-racist technologies. The final week looked at anti-racist approaches to recruitment and user research, and explored inclusive product design.

Liza is an experienced Transformational Strategic leader who is an experienced people manager, experienced in hiring, recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees, whilst being skilled in Data engineering, software engineering, Business Intelligence, and Analytics. With a degree in Computing and a master’s in Business Intelligence and Analytics, she started a career in Tech by working in financial services as a Support Analyst and eventually was on a path of working in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics.

Her support of driving for inclusion started by being one of the founders of a London Credit Union serving as a Director, holding the posts of General Secretary and Compliance Officer from 2009 to 2011. Joining in 2017 as a volunteer, has driven her to forge growth in’s London Chapter which led to being invited to speak at Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), the world's largest gathering of women technologists in 2018 and 2019,2021 and 2022.

3 Nov 2022 from  4:00 PM to  5:00 PM