Vacancy for the post of ALT Chief Executive

Recruitment advertisement to appear in the Time Higher on 8 December
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Text of an email sent to ALT members


To all ALT Members

I'm writing to let you know that I will cease to be ALT's Chief Executive in May 2012. Later this week an ad for a remodelled version of the role (offered as a 0.8 post) will appear on the Oxford Brookes University web site at, on and in the print edition of the Times Higher. The closing date for applications is 5 January 2012.

ALT's Trustees have been aware of my intentions for over a year, and from the preceding paragraph it will be clear that some detailed planning has gone into the transition. Specifically, ALT hopes that the person appointed will be able to start some weeks in advance of my standing down, with the overlap providing scope for a smooth handover.

For the avoidance of doubt, I'm not intending to disappear from the ALT world in a puff of smoke in May. It is simply that the time is now right for someone to be at the head of ALT who has more working years in front of them than I have.


Seb Schmoller, Chief Executive