Mailing Lists

The majority of ALT's mailing lists are closed and require ALT membership to join. The mailing lists which are open to Members and non-Members alike are listed under "Opt-in lists" on the left.

Once you join ALT, you will automatically be added to two mailing lists: ALT-Announce which is used solely by ALT to send out news, and ALT-Members which is a mailing list that can be replied to and can be used for all manner of discussion.

The ALT-Members list is a discussion list only. Please see further information for how to use the list. Job vacancies and certain events listings should be submitted to the ALT News Digest, which is circulated to the membership separately every Monday. Deadline 5pm every Friday.

If you are interested in joining other mailing lists, you can do so by going to the mailing list hosts' website, Jiscmail, and applying to join there. 

For further information on Jiscmail or our mailing lists, please get in touch using our contact us page.