Known web site issues

This page contains a list of known issues with the ALT web site. We have divided it into two sections. Section 1 is about the content on the site and your use of the content. Section 2 is about use of the site for membership management and event booking.

Section 1 - Your use of the site and its content

  1. When editing an account on the site the default time zone is UTC when it should be Europe/London [20/4/2011].
  2. Google Translate does not handle https:// pages reliably. This adversly affects login and booking pages but it should not stop you using the site's information resources. Once you have translated a page, use the banner frame provided by Google Translate to make changes to your translation preferences  [11/4/2011].
  3. Very occasionally the "recaptcha" system which we use for security purposes asks you to enter text in Chinese or Arabic! You may therefore need to ask the interfact for a new challenge using the button provided for this purpose [19/4/2011].
  4. The left hand standard items "tag cloud", Join ALT, Events, should appear consistently on all or nearly all pages [20/4/2011].
  5. A Twitter policy similar to that of Netskills is needed [21/4/2011].

Section 2 - Membership management and event booking

  1. Invoice PDFs. If you choose to "pay offline" the system will automatically generate an invoice and send it as an attachment with the confirmation email. The PDF is unhelpfully called 'receipt' and for some membership transactions it does not display the amount properly. We are working to resolve this. [14/2/2012]
  2. We have not yet integrated our use of jiscmail lists with the new web site and itend to do so between now and the end of May. One thing we will need members to do it occasionally to review their profile to ensure that they are subscribed to the lists that they wish to be. [18/4/2011]
  3. Postcodes. The system forces a user to enter a postcode which is not good if the user is from a country like Eire where postcodes are not universally used [21/4/2011].
  4. Country and County/Province/State. The order of form fields on the membership/account pages is unhelpul. Country needs to come before County/Province/State so that the user is offered options in the latter that are driven by the former [21/4/2011]. 
  5. The inclusion of a PDF of payment receipts. The system emails a payment receipt as an HTML email, with a PDF attachment of the same information. The email should mention the fact that there is a PDF version of the receipt attached. We will fix this. [21/4/2011]
  6. Paying personally by cheque. During the transaction process you can ask for an invoice. If you tell the system to make you the person to be invoiced then you can send us a cheque against that invoice. The onscreen information on the membership form may need some changes to ensure this is completely clear. [21/4/2011]